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Will NEET PG 2024 be Postponed? Check Expected Registration Date

Twitter is bursting with tweets questioning if NBE is pushing the NEET PG 2024 dates. Earlier, the exam was scheduled for Mar 3, 2024. Let us check what the new predicted dates could be.
What is the New Exam Date for NEET PG 2024?
NBE has not set a new date for NEET PG 2024. However, whispers on Twitter predict that the exam may be held in July 2024.
Is the NEET PG 2024 Date Postponed Due to COVID-19?
Many aspirants are demanding that the NEET PG 2024 dates be pushed due to the sudden increase in COVID-19 cases all over India. However, officials have not responded to the demand.
Why the Hullabaloo on NEET PG 2024 Postponement?
One of the primary reasons for the uproar is the delay in the registration process. With only 2 months to the exam date, there are still no signs of NBE activating the registration window.
When is NEET PG 2024?
As authorities have not declared anything official, students must stay on track with their preparations as the NEET PG exam date 2024 is on Mar 3, 2024.
Is NEET PG 2024 Replaced by NExt?
The National Exit Test is not replacing the NEET PG 2024 exam for the academic year.
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