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Will JEE Main 2024 Session 2 be tougher than Session 1?

Yes, JEE Main 2024 session 2 can be tougher than session 1, as per data from previous years. Swipe to learn more about the difficulty level of the JEE Main exam!
JEE Main Difficulty Level 2024
- Jan 24 to Feb 1 (Shift 1) - Moderately Easy
- Jan 24 to Feb 1 (Shift 2) - Moderate
Most Important JEE Main Chapters
- Mathematics- 3D Geometry, Sequences and Series, Vector Algebra

- Physics - Current Electricity, Semiconductor, Electrostatics

- Chemistry- Coordination Compounds, Chemical Bonding, Solutions
JEE Main High Weightage Topics: Physics
- Atomic Structure
- Gaseous & Liquid State
- Electrochemistry
- Chemical Kinetics
- Nuclear & Surface Chemistry
JEE Main High Weightage Topics: Chemistry
- Heat & Thermodynamics
- Ray Optics
- Electromagnetic Waves
- Semiconductors
- Error & Instrument Analysis
High Weightage Topics for JEE Main Mathematics
- 3D Geometry
- Vectors
- Determinant & Matrices
- Sequence & Series
- Straight Line
Key Tips to Prepare for JEE Main
- A quick run-through of high-weightage topics
- Solve a few sample questions before the exam for faster writing
- Revision of the formulas
-Do not panic on the day of the exam; keep a note of the time and divide accordingly.
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