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What to Carry and Wear on JEE Main Exam Day?

Forget boring lists, this is your battle plan for conquering JEE Main 2024. Here's what you need to wield on exam day. Learn all you need to carry and wear for the D-day!
1. Admit Card & ID Proof
- Original and photocopy of the admit card
- A valid photo ID

 - Two passport photos
2. Essential Stationary
- Geometry box, pencils, erasers

- Blue or black ink pens.

- Calculators are strictly prohibited!
3. Personal Kit
- Masks (not mandatory)

- Pack 50ml of hand sanitisers

- A transparent water bottle
4. Items Banned
-  Avoid jewellery, rings, bangles

- Metallic clothing attachments.

- Earphone and Microphones

- Shawls/ Stoles/ Dupattas/ Caps
5. Diabetic Candidate Guidelines
- Carry fruits and snacks

- Transparent water bottles

- Emergency medicines
Dive deeper into the official guidelines on the GMU website – knowledge is power, especially on exam day!
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