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What Rank is required for IIT through GATE

As per general trends, candidates should obtain a rank of AIR 200 or lower to get admission into IITs. Get admission into the top 5 IITs through IITs:
IIT Bombay
IIT Bombay offers around 16 engineering programmes through GATE. Students must obtain a range of 800-400 marks depending on their choice of stream.
IIT Madras
To get admission into IIT Madras, the applicant must meet the cutoff marks for the individual streams. The cutoff marks can vary from 440 to 790 marks, depending on their specialization.
IIT Kanpur
For admission to its M.Tech and Ph.D. courses in IIT Kanpur, the cutoff marks can go as high as 845. However, for the streams such as Ph, PE and RF, the cutoff marks are expected to be around 745.
IISc, Bengaluru
Indian Institute of Science is the organizing body of the GATE exam. Therefore, students can expect the cutoff to go as high as 900.
IIT Delhi
IIT Delhi is one of the top choices of the GATE aspirants. For the M. Tech program, the GATE cutoff marks for IIT Delhi admission can range from 800 to 500, depending on the category and streams.
Candidates must choose as per their desire for the subject and their strengths.