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What If Someone Dies During an Exam?

Exams are stressful, but have you ever wondered what happens if the unthinkable occurs? Swipe to learn what happens if someone dies during an exam. ➡️
Myth vs. Reality: Automatic Pass?
There's a common myth that everyone passes if someone dies during an exam. This is not true!
What Actually Happens?
The exam is immediately stopped.

- Emergency services are called.

- The deceased is removed with respect.

- Students may receive counselling and support.
Exam Rescheduling or Alternative Assessment
Depending on the situation, the exam might be:

- Canceled and assessed differently (e.g., coursework)

- Rescheduled for a later date
Prioritising Wellbeing
The focus is on supporting everyone involved and ensuring their wellbeing.
Remember, This is Rare
Thankfully, deaths during exams are extremely rare
If feeling anxious about exams, prioritise self-care and seek support if needed.