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What Happens If You Fail in 12th Boards?

1 in 5 students in India reportedly fail at least one subject in their 12th board exams. This is a common experience, and it's crucial to remember it doesn't define your future. Navigate your path forward:
1. Charting Your Course
Re-appear for exams, as many boards offer compartmental exams for failed subjects, allowing you to clear them within the same year.
2. Opt for Open Schooling
Boards like NIOS provide flexible learning options, enabling you to complete your education at your own pace.
3. Choose a Diploma Course
Utilise your 10th standard certificate to pursue vocational training in a specific field, leading to job opportunities
4. Explore Career Counselling
Consider professional guidance to discover alternative career paths aligned with your interests and strengths.
5. Talk to Trusted Adults
Seek guidance and support from your teachers, counsellors, or family members.
6. Learning from Setbacks
- Identify areas for improvement and build stronger study habits.

- Develop resilience, a key life skill that helps you bounce back from challenges
Stay confident, explore your options, and never give up on your dreams.