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VIT Vellore Fees for 4 Years Btech With Hostel

VIT Vellore is a premier engineering institute, ranked 4th in the Overall NIRF ranking 2023. But with great education comes associated costs. Let us break down the fees for a 4-year BTech program, including hostel charges.
BTech Fee Structure at VIT
1: BTech fee structure varies depending on the specialisation.
2: It can range from ₹1,73,000 to ₹1,95,000 per year.
3: This covers tuition, labs, and other academic expenses.
4: Caution deposit of ₹3,000 in the first year.
Hostel Fee Options at VIT
1: Single occupancy (AC): ₹1,34,548
2: Double occupancy (AC): ₹1,05,448
3: Triple/Four occupancy (AC): ₹60,848 - ₹70,748 (varies)
Group A vs. Group B Fees
VIT classifies BTech programs into Group A and B. Group B programs, like CSE and ECE, have slightly higher fees due to their industry demand.
Estimated Annual Cost
Example: BTech Group B (₹1,95,000) with a single AC room (₹1,34,548). This brings the total annual cost to ₹3,29,548. Multiply this by four for the entire program: ₹13,18,192.
Considering Additional Costs
There might be additional costs like mess fees (veg/non-veg options available), books & stationery, and personal expenses. Factor these in while planning your finances.
VIT Scholarships and Financial Aid
VIT offers scholarships and financial aid to deserving students. Explore options like scholarships for state/central board toppers or merit-based scholarships to ease the financial burden.