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UPSC Exam Postponed! Lok Sabha Election Delays Civil Service Prelims

Attention UPSC Aspirants! Exam dates revised to June 16, 2024. Don't worry, you've got more time! Here's what you need to know about the revised UPSC Prelims exam date.
What's Happening?
- The UPSC Civil Services Prelims exam has been postponed.

- Originally scheduled for May 26, 2024.
New Exam Date
- The revised date for the Prelims exam is June 16, 2024.

- Make sure to update your calendars and study plans.
Reason for Delay
- The postponement is due to a conflict with the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

- Ensuring smooth conduct of both events is crucial.
Stay Prepared
- Utilise this extra time to solidify your foundation and practice mock tests.

- Review the official notification for any further changes.
Official Launchpad
- Download the official notification - https://www.upsc.gov.in/

- Explore a variety of online resources and NCERT books for core subject understanding.
Good luck to all UPSC aspirants, stay motivated and focused on your goal!