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Top 5 Tips to Conquer Exam Anxiety

Exam anxiety may include a fear of failure or a bad experience. You're not alone! Here's what you can do to stay calm in the days leading up to and during your exam.
1. Learn to Study Efficiently
You'll feel more relaxed if you systematically study and practice the material that will be on the exam.
2. Know what to Expect
Take timed practice tests to ensure there won’t be any surprises on the exam day, the more confident you’re likely to feel.
3. Establish a Consistent Routine
Learn what works for you, and follow the same steps each time you get ready to take an exam. This will ease your stress level and keep you well-prepared.
4. Learn Relaxation Techniques
To stay calm and confident during or before the exams, try to perform relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing imagining a positive outcome.
Evaluate your Performance
After the exams evaluating your performance can be the perfect antidote to a high-stress situation.
There is no magic recipe for overcoming exam anxiety. Set yourself up for success by being prepared! All the best!