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Top 5 Olympiad Exams in India

Stimulate analytical skills through the top 5 Olympiad exams in India. Revise and boost curriculum-based knowledge through our picks listed here!
5. International General Knowledge Olympiad
- Applications open for students from associated board schools (CBSE, ICSE etc)

-  To occur in Sep and Oct 2024 tentatively
4. International English Olympiad
- Classes 1 to 12 with basic knowledge of English 

- Most likely to occur from Sept to Nov 2024
3. International Mathematics Olympiad
- Open to candidates from classes 1-12 

- Scheduled from 10 Jul, 2024 to 22 Jul, 2024
2. National Cyber Olympiad
- No score criteria, open for classes 1 to 10 

- To occur in Nov and Dec 2024 tentatively
1. National Science Olympiad
- Students of classes 1 to12 are eligible to appear for 1st level Olympiads

- To occur from Oct to Dec 2024 tentatively
Olympiads are Brain-bending tests which unlocks scholarships and ignite future stars!