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Preparing for GATE 2024? Follow These 6 Tips to Crack in 1 Month

Wondering how to prepare for GATE in 1 month? Here are some essential tips to nail the GATE 2024 exam and pull off an excellent score.
1. Soak Up the Syllabus
Aspirants must get well acquainted with their chosen discipline's GATE syllabus. Later, they must dedicate time to learn important topics and revise, to achieve optimal scores.
2. Solve Last 10 Year Question Papers
Candidates can secure a good GATE score by practising GATE question papers from the last 10 years to understand key topics, exam patterns, marking schemes and time management.
3. Take Ample Mock Tests
Toppers advise applicants to take as many mock tests as possible to gain confidence and get the real-day feel. Undoubtedly, it is the best way to familiarise yourself with the exam design and online system.
4. Chalk Out Your Study Hours
While it is risky to prepare for GATE in 1 month, one strategy which can push through candidates is drafting a stringent study plan, which enlists the syllabus and the amount of time they will be spending on each subject.
5. Create Short Notes
As creating elaborate notes in this short time is unfeasible, students can write down small notes while learning topics, which can help them during the revision stage.
6. Do Not Skip Revisions
A straight way to succeed in the GATE exams is to spend sufficient time revising after completing the syllabus. It is a great way to recollect formulas and refresh your memory.
With limited time in hand, start prepping for the GATE exam by solving these previous year's question papers!
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