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Open Book Exams for CBSE Class 9 to 12

Get ready for a shake-up, Class 9-12 students! The CBSE is considering Open Book Exams (OBEs) this Nov & Dec - meaning textbooks in the exam hall!
Pilot Program: Test Run in November!
Not a nationwide roll-out just yet. Only some selected schools will test the waters through a pilot program later this year.
Subjects Covered
English, Maths, and Science for Classes 9 & 10. English, Maths, and Biology for Classes 11 & 12. Stay tuned for more subjects, maybe!
Focus on Application & Analysis
OBEs assess beyond rote learning. Expect questions that test your ability to apply, analyse, solve problems, and think creatively!
Teachers Taking the Test Too?
Interesting proposal! Some suggest teachers experience the OBEs first to ensure fairness and challenge level.
The Future of OBEs
The pilot program will determine the fate of OBEs. Stay updated for results and potential nationwide implementation!
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