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NEET UG 2024: Breaking Records with 23.81L Applications

Whoa! NEET UG 2024 has shattered records with a whopping 23.81 lakh applications. This is HUGE news for aspiring doctors in India. If you're one of them, get ready for some serious competition! ‍⚕️‍⚕️
Girls Outnumber Boys!
In a historic first, girls outnumbered boys in terms of applications this year with 13,63,216 enrollments.
Bridging the Gender Gap
Marks a positive step towards bridging the gender gap in the medical profession, we also have applications from the third gender.
U.P Coming Through!
Uttar Pradesh emerged as the state with the highest number of NEET UG applicants with 3,39,125 registrations, showcasing the immense competition aspiring doctors face nationwide.
Gender-Wise Application Break-down
- Female: 1363216

- Male: 1018593

- Third Gender: 24
Category-wise Application Breakdown
- OBC NCL: 1043084
- General: 643596

- SC: 352107

- Gen-EWS: 188557

- ST: 154489
Total Applications
NEET UG 2024 has seen a massive increase in the application numbers from past years with a total of 23,81,833 paid registration from 20,87,449 applications in 2023.
Don’t worry! With dedication, right strategy, and a positive attitude, you can achieve the dream of securing a medical seat.