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NEET 2024 Photo Requirements & Guidelines: Know Here

Ace your NEET application! Get crystal clear on passport & postcard photo rules for registration. Know dates, sizes, & tips to avoid last-minute stress. Click to conquer!
NTA NEET Photo Guidelines
- Photographs may be in color or black and white, with 80% facial exposure

- Keep your eyes open, and look straight into the camera

- Remember to scan the NTA NEET photo before posting.
Photocard Size Photo for NEET
- A photocard size photo for NEET means an image size of 4" x 6".

- Ensure that the NEET postcard-size photo against a white background!
NEET Passport Size Photo with Name and Date
Submit a photo with 2" x 2" dimensions. Remember to include your name and the date the photo was taken!
NEET Photo Size
According to NTA, NEET photos should be between 10 and 200 kb in size
NEET Signature
- Ensure the scanned image of NEET signature is between 4 to 30 KB.

- Sign on white paper using only a black pen.
No fuzzy or unclear photos are allowed, or you risk your application being denied due to 'Unfair Means'.
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