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MAT IBT on March 3rd: Don't Miss out the Guidelines

Gear up for the upcoming March 3rd MAT IBT (Internet-Based Test) with confidence! As you prepare to tackle this crucial examination, understanding the guidelines is paramount for success. Let's dive in:
Accepted OS
The WindowsOS (Version7 and above) is the operating system accepted to take the MAT IBT exam.
Technical Requirements
- Ensure the default hard drive has 65MB of permanent free space available.

- Browsers: Chrome version 63 and above Firefox version 52 and above.

- Upload Speed: Minimum speed => 512 kbps
.Dot NETframework
To run MSB, you need to have .NET Framework 4.5.1 or later installed on your computer.
Allocate specific time slots for each section and question, ensuring you complete the test within the stipulated time frame.
Identification and Authentication
- Have your identification documents ready.

 - Follow the authentication procedures diligently to verify your identity.
Question Navigation
- Understand how to navigate through questions during the exam.

- Familiarise yourself with the interface to efficiently move between sections.
Stay focused, stay prepared, and don't miss out on any crucial guidelines that could impact your results. Best of luck!