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Journey of a GATE Topper - Routine & Strategies for Success

Trying to crack the code to a successful GATE examination? Here are some GATE topper strategies which will help you crack one of India’s toughest exams.
Design a Schedule
Construct an achievable study plan based on your current commitments. A perfect routine will consist of dedicating sufficient time to cover each topic, leaving ample time for revisions.
Take Mock Tests
History shows that past year toppers took as many mock tests as possible to prepare themselves for D-day. Key benefits of practising via tests is time management and understanding the marking scheme.
Revision is Key
Anyone who wishes to score above average marks must revise for the examination. Without revisions, the chance to score well becomes very slim. Hence, it is advisable to spend sufficient time on revisions.
Create Your Own Notes
High scorers in the past have all had their own GATE handbook, with notes derived through books or faculty guidance. So, students must draft their own notes to achieve top scores.
Make Use of Offline & Online Resources
For GATE exam takers, toppers suggest that they take the help of both books and the multitude of online resources available these days. Being one of the tougher examinations it is best to make use of all the riches.
GATE Previous Year Toppers
Suban Kumar Mishra - AIR 1 (2023)

Aalokeparno Dhar - AIR 1 (2022)

Niladri Pahari - AIR 1 (2021)
GATE 2024 is knocking on the door, here are more tricks which will bring you closer to becoming a topper!
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