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JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips

It's JEE Main day! You've prepped for months, and now it's time to shine. But feeling those exam jitters? Take a deep breath and repeat. You got this! Now, tap for last minute prep tips:
Formula Flashback
Focus on your quick reference sheets or short notes. Revisit key formulas for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths - the building blocks to crush those questions.
Smart Start, Strategic Finish
Scan the entire question paper first. Identify the easy and familiar questions across all sections (P,C,M). Tackle those first to build confidence and manage time effectively.
Don't Dwell, Move On
Get stuck on a question? Mark it for review and move on. There's plenty of time to come back later. Remember, it's better to attempt more questions than spend minutes on one.
Guess Wisely
There's negative marking! Unless you can narrow down the options with some logic, skip the guess entirely. Focus on questions where you can apply your knowledge for sure-shot answers.
Believe in Yourself
Stay calm, focused, and believe in your abilities. Give it your best shot, and remember -  a bad JEE score doesn't define your potential.