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JEE Main 27 vs 29 Jan 2024 Shift 1: Comparison

JEE Main Shift 1 was moderate, but Math turned into a time-consuming monster! Careful calculations and strategic moves key to conquer it. Check prime differences between Jan 27 and 29 exams.
Overall Exam Difficulty Level
- Jan 27: Moderate to Difficult

- Jan 29: Math was difficult, compared to Chemistry and Physics
JEE Main Math Paper Analysis
- Jan 27: Important topics were Integration and Matrices. Lengthy & difficult.

-  Jan 29: Questions from Trigonometry, Integration and Determinants were seen.
JEE Main Physics Analysis
- Jan 27: Topics- Current Electricity & Modern Physics. Paper was easy

- Jan 29: Topics - Semiconductors and Photoelectric, Formula-based questions.
JEE Main Chemistry Analysis
Jan 27: Difficulty level was moderate. Inorganic Chemistry had high weightage.

 Jan 29: Organic Chemistry, Aromatic compounds, formula-based questions.
Referring to JEE Main paper analysis will aid in understanding the difficulty level and important topics.
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