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ISC Class 12 Economics Last Minute Tips to Score 90+ Marks

Feeling the pressure of ISC Class 12 Economics exams? Don't sweat it! Here are some killer last-minute tips to help you ace the test and score 90+ marks:
Revise Smart, Not Frantic
- Focus on notes and skip lengthy textbooks.

- Revisit high-weightage topics, formulas, and key diagrams.

- Use mind maps & flashcards for memory retention
Practice Makes Perfect
- Solve real exam questions to understand the pattern and difficulty level.

- Test your time management via sample papers.

- Take mock exams to simulate the exam environment.
Sharpen Your Answer Arsenal
- Organise your answers logically and avoid unnecessary fluff.

- Don't just state facts, apply concepts to real-world scenarios.

- Use visuals to enhance your explanations
Stay Calm & Conquer
- A well-rested mind retains information better.

- Take breaks and do breathing exercises. 

- Eat nutritious food and stay hydrated.
Bonus Tip
Ensure your writing is neat, legible, and organised. Presentation matters!
You've got this! Utilise these tips, stay focused, and believe in yourself.