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Is MAT 2024 Admit Card Released?

Stressed about the MAT admit card? Relax, we've got you covered! Check out this quick guide to find out if your admit card is released and how to download it.
Admit Card Released for MAT February PBT & IBT 1?
The admit card for the February PBT and IBT 1 sessions of the MAT exam will be available Feb 22nd onwards at: https://mat.aima.in/.
CBT Admit Card Coming Soon!
Mark your calendars, future B-schoolers! The admit card for the February CBT session will be released on March 8th.
Need a Recap of Admit Card Dates?
- PBT - Feb 22, 2024

- CBT - Mar 8, 2024

- IBT 1 - Feb 22, 2024

 - IBT 2 - Mar 1, 2024

- IBT 3 - Mar 6, 2024
Easy Steps to Get Your Admit Card
- Visit the official MAT website.

- Click on "Download Admit Card".

 - Enter your login credentials .

- Download your admit card and print it out.
Exam Day Essentials
- Printed admit card

- Valid photo ID Pen, pencil, and eraser

- Watch (without calculator function)

- Water bottle (transparent)

 - Optional: Snacks (permitted as per guidelines)
You've studied hard, now go out there and ace it! Check below for last minute prep tips.
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