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India's ITIs Prepare 2.5 Million Youths With New AI Curriculum

Calling all ITI students! Get ready to level up with 'AI for All,' a new curriculum to decode the future of Artificial Intelligence. This is your chance to unlock the secrets of AI and become future-ready! Learn more:
AI Curriculum
A new curriculum is designed for a thorough understanding of artificial intelligence (AI), its principles, history, and various types of Al.
Uses Of AI
Students can investigate how artificial intelligence (AI) and AI tools are used for the creation of diverse digital content.
Signed MoU
An agreement is signed between the Directorate General of Training (DGT) and Future Right Skills Network (FRSN) in presence of Union Minister of Education and Skill Development (Dharmendra Pradhan).
4 Key Areas Of MoU
- Build employability skills

- Trainer development

- Women and work

- Integration of future skills
15,000 ITIs
The 'AI for All' curriculum is implemented in 15,000 ITIs across the country.
So, gear up, folks! The next generation of tech wizards isn't just coming; they're already here, with AI brilliance!