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IIM Lucknow Placements 2024 Highlights: All You Need to Know

With a steady 100% placement rate and an average package of INR 27 to 30 LPA in 2024, IIM Lucknow upholds its tradition of excellence. Now, let's explore the highlights of the placements for the class of 2024.
When are Placements?
IIM Lucknow concluded its final placements on Feb 18, 2024 for PGP38 and ABM19 batches.
Record-breaking Figures
- The institute managed to secure 634 offers for 576 students.

- International CTC: INR 65 LPA to INR 1.23 CPA

- Average and Median CTC: INR 27 LPA to INR 30 LPA 
Diverse Range of Recruiting Companies
From Fortune 500 firms to emerging startups like Deloitte, ABG, Mirosoft, VISA, Target, Shell etc., graced the campus.
What was the 2024 Placement Rate at IIM Lucknow?
The 100% placement rate at IIM Lucknow exemplifies the institute's commitment to academic excellence and industry relevance.
What were the Sectors for Hiring?
- Consulting Domain

- Finance Sector

- Business and Technology

- FMCG and Retail

-IT and Analytics
Entrepreneurship and Leadership Roles
IIM Lucknow also has a conducive ecosystem for fostering entrepreneurial ventures, providing ample support and resources for budding entrepreneurs to realise their business ideas.
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