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ICSE 10th Maths Exam Tomorrow: What to Expect?

Finding the right strategy to score 90+ marks is no easy task! You may think about several factors like time management, tips and important topics. Here are the things to expect!
The paper will contain two sections, A and B, which carry 40 marks each. It is best to start from section B.
Maths exam timing is from 11: 00 am to 1:30 pm. Not to worry! An additional 15 minutes will be given to read the questions.
Do not miss questions from topics like discounts, list price, profit and loss, linear inequations, quadratic equations, ratio and proportion.
Try to solve section-A in 20 minutes as it carries MCQs-based questions; for section B, you should be able to spend 15-20 minutes per question.
Don’t rush and spend the remaining time checking all your answers once more.
To score above 90 percent is quite a challenge, but these tips can help you tomorrow. Stay optimistic!