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How to Score 75-85 Percentile in JEE Main Session 2 2024?

Practice makes a person perfect. Old saying but true! The more you practice, the better you understand the technique to solve a problem. Here are the things to follow to crack!
1. Know the Exam Pattern
Understanding the marking scheme such as for every correct answer students will be awarded four marks and for incorrect ones one mark will be deducted.
2. Segregate Syllabus
Dividing the topics into Don't Know, have to learn and segregating the weightage-wise topics will help to strategise the preparation accordingly.
3. Important Topics
An analysis of the past 20 years of the papers of JEE Main and AIEEE will show the topics that are important.
4. Books
While NCERT books are good to cement your base, it's advisable to move to the best books on JEE Main 2024 such as Concepts of Physics, Objective Mathematics, Organic Chemistry and more.
5. Bonus Tip
Use the chapter exercises, mock tests, sample papers, and every practice chance you get to ensure that you land on top in your JEE Main preparation attempt.
Remember to mark your calendars, as the JEE Main session 2 exam starts from 4 Apr 2024. You've got this!
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