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Haryana Private Coaching Institute Bill

Attention! The state government has recently passed the Haryana Registration and Regulation of Private Coaching Institutes Bill, 2024 featuring strict penalisations upto INR 1 Lakh. Swipe to know more:
Penalties for Violation
- Publishing false or misleading information (fine of ₹25,000 for the first offense and ₹1 lakh for subsequent offenses)

- Operating without registration (cancellation of registration)
Improved Quality and Protection
This new law is expected to improve the quality of education for students attending coaching institutes and protect them from unfair practices.
Registration and Regulation
The bill aims to register and regulate private coaching institutes offering courses for competitive exams, higher studies, and professional training.
Key Features
- All coaching institutes must register with the government.

- Institutes must provide information on faculty qualifications, fees, and student enrollment.
What's More?
- The government can monitor fees and prevent unfair practices.

- Institutes must have a full-time counsellor to address student well-being.
Special Provision
A mechanism for students to address complaints against institutes.
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