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GATE Physics 2024: What Students Are Saying?

GATE 2024 Physics was a familiar territory according to students - Many found the paper focused on familiar topics, allowing them to apply their knowledge confidently. Know more here: (Source: X)
Difficulty Quotient
Examinees who took the shift 2 GATE physics 2024 exam spoke in lengths about the moderately difficult paper - with primary topics from Optics and Thermodynamics.
Relief & Excitement
"Phew, made it through! Feeling relieved but also excited to see how I did" - @PhysicsAspirant24
Challenges & Twists
Definitely some unexpected twists in the Numerical Ability section. Had to think on my feet" - @FormulaFanatic
Full of Surprises
"Optics and modern physics felt a bit tricky, but Thermodynamics questions were manageable" - @QuantumQuester
Appreciation and Gratitude
"Big thanks to the online communities for the last minute tips and motivation. Couldn't have done it without you." - @GATEWarrior2024
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