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GATE Mechanical Engineering 2024: Paper Difficulty

While individual experiences may vary, initial reports suggest the GATE 2024 ME was largely perceived as easy to moderate in difficulty. Swipe to get a deep insight as we dissect the exam:
Balanced Challenge
While straightforward concepts dominated, some sections might have presented moderate challenges, keeping candidates engaged and testing their ability to think critically.
Important Topics
Some crucial topics covered in the GATE mechanical engineering paper are,

- Production
- Thermodynamic
- Heat Transfer
General Aptitude Section Analysis
The GA section for GATE Mechanical Engineering exam for Feb 3 was rated Easy to Moderate.
Difficulty Level of 1-Mark Questions
Similarly, the 1-mark questions for the ME paper ranged from Easy to Moderate.

- 25 MCQ-type questions were seen for ME Paper for 1-mark each.
Difficulty Level of 2-Mark Questions
- 2-mark questions was also Easy to Moderate on the difficulty level scale.

- 30 questions of 2-mark each were asked in NAT, MSQ and MCQ-type format. 
This analysis is based on initial reports and may not reflect the individual experiences of all candidates. Swipe up to know more!
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