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GATE Exam 2024: Last 3 Days Revision Plan and Tips

The clock is ticking, but don't panic! Here are 5 key strategies to maximise your revision and ace GATE 2024 in the next 3 days:
1. Prioritise Ruthlessly
- Focus on high-weightage topics and frequently asked questions

- Ditch obscure concepts and save time for sure-shot scorers.
2. Mock Magic
- Take a full-length mock test simulating the actual exam.

- Practice error correction – understanding misconceptions is key!
3. Condense and Conquer
- Flashcards are your allies for formulas and important dates.

- Revise your condensed notes or mind maps for a quick refresh of concepts.
4. Sharpen Your Focus
Stick to revising familiar concepts and practising questions you found challenging - consistency is key!
5. Stay Calm and Ace it!
- Prioritise sleep to ensure optimal brain function.

- Practice relaxation techniques like meditation to manage stress.
Bonus Tip: Pack Smart
Prepare for the big day with mandatory documents, stationery and water bottle!
Adapt the plan to your strengths and weaknesses. Swipe up for more tips and get ready to conquer GATE 2024!
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