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Decoding CBSE Class 10th Math Exam

Students take a sigh of relief as both Standard Maths and Basic Maths papers were received well. Check what the experts say about today’s examination:
Standard Maths: A Cake-walk
- Easier than anticipated

- Questions were manageable

- A balanced and well-covered paper

- Students were able to attempt majority of the Questions
Standard Maths: Memory-based Questions
- 38 Questions and 5 sections

- 2 assertion-reason-based questions

- Case-study based questions of 4 marks each

- Testing Trigonometry section
Basic Maths: Moderately Challenging
- Tested the understanding of fundamental concepts

- Logic-based questions

- Students who had practised well were able to fare well in this paper.
Overall Analysis
The difficulty level of the papers was fair, and students who had prepared well were able to perform well.
CBSE Class 10th Maths Board Exams appear to have been a positive experience for the students.