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Courses Offered Through CUET UG 2024

The CUET UG exam provides fundamental courses in State, Central and Deemed Universities. Get ready to start your career with the following CUET UG courses!
Discover Languages and Culture
Embark on a journey around the world by mastering language courses like,

- B.A. (H) in Pashto

- German

- Korean

- Persian
Expressive Arts Programs
Channel your inner artist and express yourself through artful programs like


- BDes in Animation / Design

- B.Sc Desig

- B.A. Animation.
Exploring Sciences
Delve into enigmas of Science with CUET UG courses like,

- B.Sc Physics, Chemistry, Biology

- Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) in Computer Science and Technology.
Communication Studies
CUET UG courses like Bachelor of Journalism, Bachelor of Mass Media, Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is entry way to the fourth estate.
Commerce and Finance Domains
Master the dynamic world of Commerce and Finance with CUET UG programs such as B.Com, Business Administration, Accounting, Taxation, Banking & Finance.
Applied Skills and Vocational Training
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Become a master at trade skills through application-based learning of B. Voc. courses in,

- Industrial and Waste Management

 - Solar Energy, etc.
Performing Arts Excellence
Improve your craft with a Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) in Instrumental Sitar, Flute, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Violin, etc.
Industry Insights
Understand the mechanism of different industries with CUET UG courses like B.Tech in Food Technology, Dairy Technology, and Printing and Packaging Technology.
Engineering Marvels
Become an Engineering marvel with a,

- B.Tech in Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil,

- B.E. in Electronics and Communications.
Endless learning awaits your future - Happy exploring!