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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your TS EAMCET Application

Applying for TS EAMCET? Don't let a silly mistake cost you your dream college! Check out these common pitfalls to avoid:
Double Check, Double Chance
Ensure all information, from name to exam details, matches your official documents exactly. Typos can lead to rejection.
Don't Miss the Deadline: Apr 6
Mark the application deadline on your calendar and submit well before to avoid last-minute technical glitches.
Picture Perfect
Follow the photo specifications precisely. Incorrect size or format can lead to application rejection.
Document Dilemma
Ensure you have scanned copies of all required documents in the specified format and size before uploading.
Proofreading Power
Carefully review your application for any errors before submitting. A second pair of eyes can also help catch mistakes.
Stay Informed
Stay updated on the latest application guidelines and announcements by regularly checking the official TS EAMCET website.
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