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CBSE 12th Psychology Exam Tomorrow: 5 High Scoring Topics

Staring down the barrel of the CBSE 12th Psychology exam tomorrow? Here's a quick revision guide to help you score big! These 5 topics are goldmines for marks:
1. Learning and Memory
Revise the different types of learning (associative, observational, etc.) and delve into memory processes (encoding, storage, retrieval).
2. Thinking
Master the concepts of problem-solving, decision-making, and reasoning.
3. Human Development
Brush up on the stages of human development (prenatal, childhood, adolescence, etc.) and understand the factors that influence it.
4. Personality
Revisit the different personality theories (psychoanalytic, humanistic, etc.) and analyse the factors that shape personality.
5. Social Psychology
Focus on concepts like social influence, conformity, and group dynamics.
Remember, stay calm, revise effectively, and believe in yourself. Good luck!