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Board Exams Gonna be Conducted Twice a Year From 2025

Heads up, students! Get ready for a major shift in the exam landscape. Board exams for Class 10 and 12 will be conducted twice a year starting from the 2025-26 academic session.
What's the Deal?
- This change is part of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

- Aiming to reduce exam stress and provide more flexibility
Opportunity 2x a Year
You'll have the option to appear for the exams twice, in November-December and February-March.
Evaluation Process?
Your best score from both attempts will be considered for the final result. This means more chances to shine, less pressure on a single exam!
Is There a Catch?
None! You can choose to take only one exam if you're happy with your score. No pressure to appear for both!
How is This Helpful?
- Encourages a holistic learning approach rather than rote memorisation.

- Aligns with the NEP's focus on skill-based learning and multiple assessments.
Start planning your study strategy for the double opportunity ahead!