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Bihar STET Qualifying Marks for Male and Female

Aiming to crack the Bihar STET? Understanding the qualifying marks is crucial. Currently, the qualifying marks is 50% and 40% respectively - Swipe to see complete breakdown:
Category-wise Qualifying Marks
The Bihar STET has different qualifying marks for various categories:

- General Category: 50% marks

- SC/ST/PWD/Women Category: 40% marks
Additional Points to Remember
Remember, these are minimum qualifying marks. Scoring higher increases your chances of selection.
Exam Structure and Scoring
- The Bihar STET consists of two papers, each carrying 150 marks.

- The minimum qualifying marks apply to the total score of both papers combined.
Important Dates and Announcements
Application window closes on Mar 1, 2024 Exam dates are from Mar 1 to 20, 2024 Results will be available in Apr 2024
Tips for Success
- Start early and create a study plan.

- Focus on understanding concepts, not just memorizing.

- Practice with mock tests and previous year's papers.

- Manage your time effectively during the exam.
Qualifying the Bihar STET is just the first step. Remember, teaching is a noble profession demanding passion, dedication, and continuous learning.
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