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Best Junior Colleges in Hyderabad

Stressed about finding the right Junior College? Don't worry! Hyderabad has amazing options for your MPC, BIPC, or CEC stream. (Synthesized Rankings)
Vignan Junior College
1: Offers comprehensive MPC coaching with modern facilities
2: Fees are around INR 3 LPA
FIITJEE Junior College
1: A premier institute for IIT-JEE coaching
2: Fees are on the higher end of around INR 4 LPA
Rankridge Junior College
1: Focuses on NEET preparation
2: Fees are around INR 3.5 LPA
Narayana Junior College
1: Another leader with excellent results
2: Fees around INR 5 LPA
Sri Chaitanya Junior College
1: Renowned for cracking IIT-JEE & NEET
2: Expect INR 5 LPA fees
Other Top Junior Colleges in Hyderabad
1: Gatik Junior College
2: Sri Medhavi Junior College
3: Tapasya College for Commerce
Factors to Consider
Extracurriculars, infrastructure, faculty, college environment, location and transportation must be weighed when choosing the right fit.
Bonus Tip
Talk to current students, alumni, and faculty to get a well-rounded perspective.