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5 Mistakes to Avoid in JEE Main Second Attempt 2024

Didn’t make it in the JEE Main first attempt? Get up, dust yourself off, and prepare! Avoid these crucial mistakes for your second attempt of JEE Main 2024:
1. Ignoring Prior Knowledge
You know the exam pattern and the question language - use this knowledge to prioritise complex questions and topics!
2. Skipping NCERT Books
NCERT books form the foundation of JEE Main exams. Clear your fundamental basics and solve problems through NCERT books!
3. Ignoring Time Management
- JEE Main is a time-intensive exam.

 - Practise question papers and mock test under a time limit.

- Boost your marks by saving complex questions for later in the exam.
4. Unfamiliar Territory
Learn the syllabus, understand the scope, and direct your resources to unfamiliar topics. Don’t be stressed by unfamiliar questions!
5. Neglecting Health
The concept of Mind over body works here! Rest your mind through regular breaks and adequate sleep.
The second attempt is your chance to assess your mistakes, learn from them, and bounce back!