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5 Best Free Certificate Courses by Google

Google offers tons of free courses with a free certificate of completion. So, without further ado, let's explore the top 5 best free certificate courses offered by Google.
5. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification
- Includes 26 courses prepared by Google's professional educators

- Fields: Content marketing, Email Marketing, and more

- Salary: INR 300,000 to 700,000 PA
4. Google Ads Search Certification
- Aids in educating marketers on taking advantage of all Google Ads features

- Fields: PPC Managers, SEM Specialists, and more

- Salary: INR 492,000 PA
3. AI-Powered Shopping Ads Certification
- Learn to design, set up, and optimize Google Shopping campaigns.

 - Fields: PPC Specialist, PPC Expert, and more

- Salary: INR 1,400,000 PA
2. Google Analytics Certification
- Study data collection, cleaning, and analysis with Google Analytics and BigQuery.

- Fields: Google Analytics Specialist, Junior Data Analyst, and more

- Salary: INR 1,960,000 PA
1. Google Ads Display Certification
- Helps in brand awareness and maximizing the ROI from your paid campaigns

- Fields: Google Display Specialist, PPC Manager, and more

- Salary: INR 200,000 to 900,000 LPA
These Google courses offer valuable knowledge and also justify expertise in various fields. So go forth and conquer the digital jungle!